I've been voting the first Tuesday in November for over 35 years. That's a buncha of ballots and a pile of politicians. I generally sneak out of work a little early to beat the after five electorate. I pretty much head home right after voting and start flipping channels watching election coverage as the votes trickle in. With three percent of precincts reporting some network is projecting...blah, blah, blah.

I love watching election returns, but then again I also enjoy watching golf.

I'm a true independent. I vote for candidates not parties. I also feel strongly that elections reflect the will of the people. So I don't feel bad if the candidate I vote for loses. I did my part. The people have spoken.

Well I voted, yet the people haven't spoken! It's genuinely messing with my head. I voted days ago, and all that the news outlets are now reporting about- are poll numbers in battleground states.  They're not reporting about incoming election results from those same key states as I've always come to expect. If you've voted early for the first time this year, are you feeling the same way? Shouldn't animatronic skeleton James Carville be breaking down the results on CNN? Shouldn't windbag Karl Rove be busting numbers on FOX? I feel lost.

Years ago, it was illegal to run political advertising on any media on election day. That changed recently and political ads can now run on election day. Well I've voted and they're still running ads! Don't get me wrong, we have it real easy with not many ads running in the heavily red leaning North Dakota. I say "leaning" so it gives Democrats the feeling they may have a chance. Not so much really.

What's worse, with all the mail-in ballots still flowing in, many states have extended their official reporting dates, so I fear the Bush vs Gore dangling chad fiasco, may seem like a walk in the park. I'll still be watching every news feed Tuesday night, even though it may be optimistic to think we'll learn anything definitive for a while.

Just make sure you vote.

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