If snow is no friend of yours and you live in Bismarck, winter so far has been pretty incredible.

We've certainly had our fair share of cold weather with many days featuring dangerous windchill values. But the good news is, getting around has been pretty easy (assuming your car will start).

According to The National Weather Service, through January 6th, Bismarck typically averages 22.4 inches of snow. But so far, we've received only 6.9 inches.

The lowest ever snowfall total received through Jan. 6 was 1.4 inches back in 1902-1903.

This is quite a change from last year. To put it in perspective, just on Jan. 2 alone in 2017, Bismarck was forecasted to get six to 10 inches of snow.

And during Christmas alone last winter, Bismarck received at least double the total it has received so far this year.

Of course this is probably a blow to anyone who loves to snowmobile or participate in other snow activities. Fortunately, Huff Hills has been making their own snow and has been operating as normal (except on the extreme cold days) for those looking to ski in the area.

There's still plenty of winter left though so we'll see what happens as we move through the rest of January, February, March and even April.

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