I have some new heroes in town...

...and I want to take a couple of minutes to share them with you. To me, there is no argument for the saying "North Dakota Nice", I can write a book on all the wonderful examples of it in the 9 years I have lived out here. They come in all shapes and sizes too, however, their hearts beat the same.

I want to introduce you to Keegan, he is 3 and a half years old

His wide sparkling smile is extremely addicting, and his love for Abby and Elmo from Sesame Street is unmatched! He was born with Arthrogryposis. He is confined ( but not held back in desire ) to a special wheelchair. His mother Maran Blair enjoys walks outside, and this is how today they met, as how she put it, "a hero without a cape..."

"Every child should be happy on Valentine's day"

Keegan and Maran had a thirst for some yogurt today, and what better place than the Kirkwood Mall to head to? A woman spotted the pair and immediately came over. This was no gesture of any fanfare whatsoever, she had one specific goal in mind - to buy an outfit for Keegan. Well, she wound up buying a couple of them. "Every child should be happy on Valentine's day". Smiles all around, the woman left. This is part of what Maran posted on the Bismarck People Reporting News FB page. "So thank you to the woman who did this. It means more to me than you realize. The kindness of people is truly amazing"

"I was shocked, what made her stop"

That question ran through Maron's head, back in the day, it was hard for her to accept help. She told me on the phone that she is well aware of how much people really do care. take a look at this picture from last month, here in Bismarck, at a Make-A-Wish event:

Maran Blair
Maran Blair

I obviously don't need to go into great detail WHY these three individuals are my new heroes, each one stands as tall as the Bismarck Capital. Thank you to each and every one of you for putting a smile on my face and for once again having that proud feeling of living in North Dakota.



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