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AND THIS GUY WON $50,000! Photo from Big Win Bingo Facebook page


That's a mighty big check for playing bingo. It appears it happened at Sidelines Sports Bar in Bismarck with Big Win Bingo sponsored by MATPAC Wrestling. I'm not here to promote any particular bar or charitable organization but winning $50K is pretty big news in the bingo community.

I have a long rocky relationship with BINGO!

I started working gaming in bars right away when I was twenty-one.  When I first started bingo was the game played at places like the VFW or small town bars.  It was pretty unheard of and downright detested at most blue-collar bars. I remember when one charitable organization I worked for decided to start playing bingo to draw in the after-five crowd to the Capri Bar up in Minot. (an honorable mention in ND Dive Bar survey)

The first day of bingo almost prompted a bar-clearing brawl.

Yet, a month later the former bingo haters were there with their dobbers and Camel Lights. Having moved into the hypnotic malaise that is bar bingo. Yep, I couldn't stand it then and barely tolerate it today. Maybe it's after calling bingo year after year to the same folks just hoping to get their money back.

Winning $70,000 playing bingo could get a bunch of that cash back.

Someone shared this info with me so I figured I'd share it with you to share with your favorite bingo fanatics. This was posted before the "big win" on the Big Win Bingo Facebook page.

Tuesday is another chance to win one (or both) of our Big Win Bingo jackpots. We’ll play nine games of bingo starting at 6:00 Tuesday at Sidelines Sports Bar in Bismarck.
Game 5 is up to 55 numbers for $50,000 and game 9 is up to a whopping $70,000!!!

Now the hitch is you generally have to get your bingo in 55 numbers or maybe even 54 numbers, but I've seen blackouts go out that low for a lot less jackpot money.  I just figured I'd get out the word.  Seems they play Tuesdays and Saturdays. Come early so you can be there forever. Also, don't forget to tip your bingo caller. I don't really know why that's a thing, but I always liked that part.

Good luck!  Probably won't see you there.


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