Infrastructure, ya gotta keep it up to date. Wasn't that a part of what you already pay to a utility?

Apparently not...let's compare it to a gus pump at a service station.  If they have to replace the gas pump, will that station charge more to it's customers for "infrastructure"?  Nope.

That's part of doing business.

Back in March of 2021, The Public Service Commission began a hearing to decide if MDU could increase their rates to offset maintenance issues.  Now in May of 2021 we learn the PSC has said- OKAY.

Public Service Commissioner Brian Kroshus said for MDU, this brings the monthly  increase for an average homeowner to $4.21 per month. For Great Plains customers in the city of Wahpeton, it's $3.62 per month for the average customer.

So, about fifty bucks a year for Montana Dakota Electric users. Does this mean we should expect (demand) MDU crews be dispatched throughout the state replacing these antiquated lines?  Will we see MDU crews out looking to replace our failing infrastructure? Maybe.  When you do, please make sure to share to photos so we can applaud their commitment.  We'll see..everything breaks down over time and reinvestment is critical.  So let's all agree on that right?

It's not bad every time a rate hike goes in place...just figured I'd give you a heads up it was happening and tell you to be on the watch for MDU working had to update your infrastructure so we don't have another one of these upgrade increases in the near years to come.

Lst's get to work!

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