New ND law to allow mother and baby to hook up anywhere. Plus booze to go on sale Sunday mornings. What the heck ND?  Seems we decided to push away the rock, allowing us to finally start crawling out from under it.

Modesty is no longer required when breastfeeding in public.

Since 2009, breastfeeding has been exempted from indecent exposure laws as long as "the woman acts in a discreet or modest manner".  Well moms, if you want to be immodest and indiscreet, just hold off til August 1st.  House Bill 1105 has eliminated the part where moms are state-ordered to "cover up".  I don't think August 1st is going to become an episode of Moms Gone Wild, but it's a sure bet 14 year old boys will be on high alert.

Starting August 1st you can buy booze before or after you go to church.

The last straggler of North Dakota's infamous Blue Laws is banning the sale of alcohol before 11 AM on Sundays.  You can buy just about anything else Sunday mornings, so the legislature must have seen the light because starting August 1st, you can start buying your booze on Sunday mornings beginning at 8 AM. The Associated Press adds what seems to be a ridiculously inflated figure...

The measure’s fiscal note estimates Sunday morning alcohol sales could raise $312,000 over the next two-year budget cycle in tax revenue for the state.

I'm not saying there certainly won't be some sales increase by opening at 8 AM- like maybe the fishing crowd...but people buying booze will wait to buy booze.  I don't know why government always has to justify moves like this with the promise of cash.  It's the right thing to do and they did it.

 Did you know in North Dakota it's against the law to sell cars on Sunday?

It seems..."The bill leaves in place the state’s all-day ban on Sunday vehicle sales."  Huh?...I'm asking you the reader to enlighten us on that in the comments.  Much appreciated.

There's many more new laws become active August 1st.  Underage people won't go to jail for booze possession.  Your buddy Burgum can't order you to wear a mask. You're no longer required to not shoot someone that's bugging you.   Read more about many of the new laws by clicking here..

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