As I was riding today I saw a pretty interesting sight.

My route took me along the edge of the North Dakota Zoo and it was a funny edge because I saw 2 camels just hanging out in the grass. They seem to be ok with it and one actually looked at me.

As I drove away, I got to thinking...What is going through their mind as they sit there in a place that is not a normal habitat for them?  Are they saying "wait ... we were at home in the middle east and everything was cool. We had water when we would see an oasis, people rode us which was good exercise and because our humps store water were just normal."

"Suddenly, this truck came along and because it was shade, we walked in. Then it got weird .. We suddenly felt the need to sleep and when we woke were in some grassy knoll in a place like North Dakota???  Why are these people looking at us ?? Why can't I walk past this fence? "

"Oh well, I guess I'll just sit here and eat grass, it's better than being eaten by a snake when I was in the food chain . "

That's probably my perspective if I were a camel, of course, They probably take it day by day and as long as they are not being hunted they're pretty cool with it.

If you want to check out these beautiful creatures at the Dakota Zoo,  you can click here ... Dakota

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