Here in the Bismarck Mandan communities we have many different organizations that put on fundraisers.  Throughout the summer we have had fundraisers for the rescue organizations and for other non profits.

This coming Saturday, September 18th is another fun event at the Dakota Zoo.  It is a wine tasting at the zoo.  As they call it "Its for the Animals Wine Tasting".  It is a unique way to bring people together for a good time while raising money for the zoo.

The Dakota Zoo has had many different events that raise money that helps with the day to day operating expenses.  There are a lot of animals to house and feed and care for, not to mention keeping the exhibits in good condition.  The zoo hosts events throughout the year that are fun for everyone.  It just so happens, the zoo held it's Breakfast at the Zoo this morning.

I read a Dakota Zoo Facebook post about the snow leopard cubs.  They are getting bigger and more brave and they are exploring the world outside their den, under the watchful eyes of mama, of course.  Here is your chance to see them before they grow up, you know little ones, animal or human grow fast.

So plan for the fun event this Saturday.  It will be an evening of wine samples, wine appropriate charcuterie and live music.  

Wine Tasting at the Dakota Zoo

Saturday, September 18th, 2021  7pm to 9pm CDT.

Tickets are limited and will go on sale soon.

Visit for more information, or call the Dakota Zoo at (701) 223 7543.

So raise a glass....indulge a's for the animals after all.


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