Well by now, we are finding out that nobody is safe, immune from catching the coronavirus. The virus continues to gather more casualties, and has spread all over the world. From young, to old, we are all vulnerable. The problem is obvious, we read about so many"facts", "statistics" etc, that it's tough to believe what is actually legitimate information. Their are some people spewing out comments like "Oh it's not as bad as everyone is reporting" or "This whole virus thing is being blown out of proportion". That usually comes from someone who has zero experience with the virus.

When we hear from people in the public eye, who has tested positive, for some reason, we still feel safe, sort of. The reports from coronavirus victims Tom Hanks and his wife, recovering and staying isolated, and showing us signs of progress ( from their videos ) somehow gives us hope, maybe it's not so deadly after all.

Karl-Anthony Towns is an NBA superstar. His talents are many, and just recently, Karl put out a heart warming video, of what the coronavirus is truly all about, and how we NEED to take this seriously. Why is this video different from the rest? Watch for yourself the sheer emotions of a man whose mother firsthand, has been attacked. For more on this story, click here.



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