That's exactly what happened. A stupid fatal error of judgment...

...and yet the scary thing is that it happens every single day all over the country. We live in a world of instant communication, almost everybody has a cell phone with them. Think about it for a second, do you know of anyone who doesn't have one? Most people know when they are impaired enough ( due to drinking or drugs ) NOT to pick up their car keys, and so many still think they can drive home. They "Spin the wheel" over and over and take their chances - and this suspect did the same thing last week and it ended with the death of a 20-year-old woman from Wahpeton. Yes, I understand that people make mistakes, but these kinds are just plain stupid. There are zero excuses for a reason to drive drunk.

Bailey Bernstein and her mom were out for a relaxing walk around the neighborhood

Just a simple activity they both enjoyed, spending time together - last Thursday night tragedy happened. According to "A woman hit by a pickup while walking Thursday night in Wahpeton has died from her injuries and charges against the driver have been upgraded. North Dakota Highway Patrol says 20-year-old Bailey Bernstein died Saturday at Sanford Medical Center. 52-year-old Chad Olson of Wahpeton was behind the wheel and fled the crash scene"  Olson was eventually arrested after police received a tip from the public.

A prayer service tomorrow night is planned as well as a memorial Saturday afternoon.

Bailey made quite an impact on loved ones and those who had a chance to be around here. The reality is that "Life IS short" - the saddest part is that people make mistakes, and this one from the suspect ended the life of someone extremely special. Here is some info on Bailey Jo Bernstein  - November 15, 2002 — October 15, 2023 

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