Kevin O'Leary aka Mr. Wonderful from the hit ABC TV Show Shark Tank was in North Dakota on Friday.

According to Valley News Live, Kevin O'Leary spent some time this past Friday, January 26th at the University of North Dakota giving a presentation about the economy, opportunities in 2024, and how he sees North Dakota as a global leader.

O'Leary, the world-renowned venture capitalist and businessman, took some criticism recently for his involvement and money behind an Airbnb-type company that is now in North Dakota for recreation purposes like hunting and fishing.

Opponents fear it could take away freelance hunting and fishing opportunities in the state.  You can read more about that here.

After the presentation, Kevin O'Leary took questions and answers with audience members.

Mr. Wonderful also had the privilege of dropping the ceremonial first buck before Friday night's University of North Dakota hockey game.

The often controversial shark received a warm welcome from the sell-out crowd at The Ralph Engelstad Arena.  He wore a special UND hockey jersey, personalized with the number 99.

Check out these photos from some of my friends on Facebook of Mr. Wonderful. Shark Tank's fiercest shark of them all.  

Phil O'Reilly
Phil O'Reilly

Mr. Wonderful prepares to drop the ceremonial first puck.

Cienna Tosa
Cienna Tosa

One thing about University of North Dakota hockey, they always do everything first class.  Mr. Wonderful spent some time prior to the game visiting with UND coaches and touring the facility.

Here are some more photos from Mr. Wonderful's time at The Ralph.  You just never know who's going to show up at a UND hockey game.

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