September 1st is the meteorology first day of Fall.  In reality, the Autumn Equinox 2020 in the Northern Hemisphere will be at 8:30 AM on Tuesday, September 22nd.  However, it's officially going to feel like Fall next week.  Tuesday highs in Bismarck Mandan are expected in the mid 50's.  That's HIGHS in the 50's, not lows.  We also have the chance for the first frost of the season on Tuesday night.  Frost in September is certainly not unheard of in our neck of the woods, early September seems a tad bit early to me.

To be honest, it sounds like a nice break.  Mid July to the end of August was tough on the air conditioners and pocket books.  Every day seemed like it was in the 90's.  The long range forecast for the first half of September anyway is expected to be below normal temperatures.  Again, I'm okay with that, I just hope some rain comes with that.  We are still trending very dry for 2020.  Well over a 6 inch deficit for "normal" for this time of year.  We continue to be in a severe drought in the Bismarck Mandan area.  Most of the outlying areas are in a moderate drought.

If you like the 90's, you might get another day today.  However, a whole lot of wind is expected with it.  A Red Flag Warning is in effect and so is a Wind Advisory.  Wind gusts could be up near 50 mph today.

I'm sure today won't be the last 90 degree day of the year.  We'll squeeze another one in before September ends.  I just hope this year we can avoid that early snowfall/blizzard like we've had 3 consecutive years.  I won't bet on it however.



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