We're taking it outside this Thursday at Keller Hearth 'n Home,  The Spring Outdoor Living Sale is an annual event showcasing items that you really would love in your backyard.  For years and years, I've joined the Keller crew for this event. Let me tell you it's the perfect test drive for all this outdoor equipment as the Strip can be a windy mistress indeed!  The forecast is 65 degrees, 10% chance of rain, and light winds.  Sounds good, but we'll see.

So, you'll get to see fire tables in action, the Big Green Egg cooking it up in any conditions, and Broil King pellet and gas grills.that are perfect for your grill island.  There's furniture collections from Outdoor Great Room;.along with huge radiant outdoor heaters and much more to allow you to expand your home without knocking down walls.

If your ARE knocking down walls and have renovations planned in your home- check out fireplace inserts with a ton of burning models on display inside.  An inside which is sooo much larger than you would think from the outside.  It's cool just to swing by to take a peek at the showroom.  Don't peek real hard or you might spot my in my speedo chilling in the hot tubs.

Speaking of hot tubs, Keller has the installation crews you can trust to get your tub placed and piped properly. It's really important that you deal with a company that's been at this as long as Keller Hearth 'N Homes.

One last thing, if you been stuck home bound for a couple of months- how cool would a sauna be?  Ultra violet saunas seem to me to be a great escape for relaxation. They come in something like six different sizes so they can fit one for your space.

There you go.  See ya this Thursday from 11-2 at Keller Hearth and Home on the strip! (they're actually open much later than that- but that's when I'm there)

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