The Eagles season is over and in order to build togetherness in the offseason, wide receiver Jordan Matthews wants the team to take a trip to Fargo.

According to Matthews, the team normally goes to California in the offseason but this year he says he wants to do something different. Matthews says California is expensive.

Below are Matthews comments in full:

I want to go to the Fargodome and throw. I think that place is pretty cool.


We can go to downtown Fargo.


We always go to California. It's cool, but it's real expensive and guys are all across the city, whereas I'm like, 'Bro, we can get like one cabin out there.' I know they have cabins, and that's it, a lot of space.


So let's get a cabin, we'll go throw, and then we'll look at each other the rest of the day, because there's nothing else to do. Go somewhere we have no choice but to get closer.

Carson Wentz, who of course played his college football in Fargo, didn't seem as excited about the idea:

He wants to go to Fargo, North Dakota real bad. I told him I could take you right now, but you might never want to go back. It’s pretty cold. He wants to go up there, so we’ll see what we do in the offseason. But it’ll be fun. Whatever we do, we have to get together and do something.

It's probably fair to assume Wentz will be back in North Dakota at some point. He has a lot of friends and family here that I'm sure he wants to see. Whether or not his Eagles teammates accompany him back is yet to be seen.

A hunting trip may be one way the team can bond. The entire offensive line has new shotguns they can use for the trip.

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