It's been four months since Josh Duhamel and Fergie made their split public, but Duhamel says that things are going well.

In a conversation with E! News, Duhamel said that he and Fergie have a great relationship and that Fergie is a great mother.

Duhamel also says that their son, Axl, who is just four years old is also happy.

Fergie had similarly kind words to say about Duhamel back in September.

It was recently rumored that Duhamel had been secretly dating Jennifer Garner according to Extra TV. According to the rumor, Duhamel and Garner met on the set of 'Love, Simon' and began spending a lot of time together. It was even rumored that Duhamel may have convinced Garner to divorce from Ben Affleck.

However, according to Gossip Con, the rumor holds no merit and it is not true.

'People' reported back in November that Garner has no interest in dating.

As Fergie confirmed to Jax on Hot 97.5 over the summer, Duhamel has the ability to start a relationship just by simply going up to a woman and saying, "you're hot." It's not clear if Duhamel uttered those two words to Garner.

Duhamel recently purchased a new house near Los Angeles for $2.65 million according to The Daily Mail. Duhamel talked about the North Dakota items he likes to keep in his home in an interview with Architectural Digest.

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