GO BISON! Is there nothing our quarterback's can't do?

August 22nd, NFL's LA Chargers' QB Easton Stick faced off with NFL San Fran QB Trey Lance in a Bison QB face off.  While Zeb waits in the southern wings!  Side note..Carson Wentz's career prognosis sucks. NDSU QB Explosion!

I mean to say that NDSU NFL prospective quarterbacks were facing off against one another vying for starting jobs!

All this while, former Bismarck Century, NDSU standout, and injury prone COVID plagued  NFL quarterback, Carson Wentz was trying to sneak his way back in the starting job as a professional quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts!   I wish the very, very best for Carson Wentz...he's a Bismarck homer and seemingly a fine young man.  But, it seems the buzz may be turning to a young man that only played one game for the Bison last year.

Trey Lance was set to start again in 2020 before the season was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. His only game appearance that season was in a single game against Central Arkansas in October 2020, where he threw for two touchdowns and ran for an additional two while throwing the only interception of his college career.[9] The Bison were scheduled to make up the rest of the season in early 2021, but Lance announced following the game that he would opt-out and begin to prepare for the 2021 NFL Draft

But Trey Lance is yesterday's news y'all...can I introduce you to Zeb Noland?


Zeb was once a Bison-in-training, yet became a Gamecock assistant...but, his Bison Q-Backery would soon be clear to Cock fans everywhere.  You can't take the B-ison out of Q-B.

Shane Beamer saw it from Day 1.

There wasn’t so much a moment or day that graduate assistant-turned-player Zeb Noland snagged the starting gig in the wake of Luke Doty’s foot injury. To Beamer, though, Noland offered an instant spark.

So a Bison QB assistant transfers to the Gamecocks for some free school- and gets the starting QB job?  Seems unlikely.

Tuesday, South Carolina released its first depth chart of the season. Noland’s name sat atop the quarterback’s list. He beat out freshman Colten Gauthier and walk-ons Connor Jordan and Jake Helfrich. He also topped FCS transfer Jason Brown.

So when Trey Lance leads the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl victory in 2022, Zeb Noland will be there to lead the struggling Minnesota Vikings to a Super Bowl in 2023!

Exciting story.  Don't believe it's true?  Carson Wentz has a superbowl ring and a great story. So why not?

Now Carson go get that starting job in Indianapolis! Trey, ya got one year before it's Zeb's world!

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