There's a rally planned at the Capitol today at 5pm.  A facebook group page titled "Let Them Play ND" is planning on holding a get together in front of the state Capitol today at 5pm, to show solidarity and support for student athletes and students in activities.  The Governor's announcement late Friday night put sports on pause for a month.  However, the facebook group says the Governor is not basing his decision on numbers that support the shutting down of winter sports.

According to the "Let Them Play ND" facebook page, kids are struggling and it isn't because they are getting COVID-19, its because they are isolated and now starting on November 16th, (Today) they have no healthy outlets. Teen SUICIDE is up and the leading cause of death this year for ages 10-24.  The group says this unacceptable. The page went on to say that our kids NEED sports and band and choir and activities to keep them mentally and physically healthy. Parents, students and the public are encouraged to come show their support.   You must wear a mask and social distance as best as you can. This is a bipartisan issue. The group went on to say, "we all can agree that our kids need healthy outlets."

"Let Them Play ND" has over 4,000 members since the page was started on facebook this past weekend.  Parents and kids alike, who want the Governor Burgum's decision overturned are encouraged to show.  You can also call Governor Burgum at 701-328-2200 to voice your opinion.



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