And it was unanimous.

Last night, the Minot City Council passed a resolution requiring city workers to wear a mask anytime they're in a situation where 6 foot social distance separation cannot be maintained.

They join school boards across the state that have been making similar decisions for their districts in the last week.  I know to many, the science is ether sketchy or non-existent.  But, in the cases of these governing bodies, they are simply following the recommendations of those trained in viral transmission science.

I've finally got around to wearing a mask much more regularly in public areas.  For me, it actually makes my brain feel a bit better.  I don't get the feeling people are judging me for not wearing a mask.  Recently, I was invited to a motorcycle club function, where I did not wear a mask. Because, I didn't feel like people judging me for wearing a mask.  Odd thing is...I don't even care what other people think!

So, I hope the masks actually do help.  I hope something like a clever twitter campaign such as  #MaskUpND may actually get a positive reception. But I already wrote a story about that.  Odds are, about the only thing that can bring the never-maskers and the always -maskers at least slightly closer- all their kids going to school and wearing masks.

School, that for some, begins Thursday August 19!  That's when the Light of Christ Catholic Schools start.  That seems to have really snuck up!  Of course, I no longer have a school age kid, so I'm not counting the days till classes begin. Mandan and Shilo Christian are both kicking off Thursday August 20th. For some reason, Bismarck school kids are still at eating popsicles at home until school finally starts for them Monday August 31. I bet they'd like to start earlier.

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