According to records from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), a man was seriously injured after crashing his plane into a truck trailer last week.

On Nov. 22, a man flying a Piper PA-12 airplane was damaged after crashing into a truck trailer near Dickinson.

The NTSB report states the man piloting the plane sustained serious injuries in the crash. The crash occurred slightly after take off when it was reported the plane was not able to gain lift and began to lose control.

The plane landed on the trailer of a truck in an industrial yard at the same location the plane was taking off.

The pilot was attempting to fly to Sloulin Field International Airport in Williston.

The NTSB did not name the pilot or mention the extent of the injuries other than saying that they were serious.

A passenger in the plane sustained minor injuries.

The NTSB report can be seen here.

**The image at the top of this post is a stock image and not a picture from the actual scene of the crash**

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