Mandan City Commission has approved some changes that impact minors

If you are lucky, YOU were a minor not long ago. Not myself, it's been a long time since I was a minor, living in San Diego. I wasn't a terrible kid, but I did experience first-hand the terrifying moment my friend, who was three years older, and I were pulled over by the police. At just 16-years old I was in a car with an open container of beer ( not mine, but that didn't matter ) - I don't recall what kind of ticket he received or if he or his father had to pay a huge fine. Well, some things don't change much, even out here in North Dakota. Minors make mistakes, heck we all do, and the Mandan City Commission has made some strides to help "Ease Off The Brakes" of minors.

Helping comply with laws passed by the state legislature

One of the changes the commission approved will help save some money for minors who get caught with the very same thing I did when I was their age. According to "One of the ordinances changes the penalty for a minor in consumption or in possession of alcohol from a class B misdemeanor to an infraction, which lowers the maximum penalty from 1,500 dollars to 1,000 dollars" One of the changes really took me by surprise, and I promise I'm not trying to be a buzz-kill, but also reported that " In the case of special events, minors are allowed in the beer garden". That sounds like a situation that can easily be taken advantage of, but that's just my opinion.


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