Man's best friend is also Williston's best friend

We all know what a mascot is. Your alma mater may have had a guy in a tiger suit representing your school, or you actually walked out onto the field with some kind of animal on a leash, emulating whatever your team's name was. In Williston, North Dakota there is an"unofficial mascot" that has won over the school and really the whole town.

Hagan Elementary school in Williston, North Dakota has a Hawk as their mascot

The real mascot for Hagan Elementary school is the "Hagan Hawk", soaring high over the school grounds. Their "unofficial" representative is a furry, friendly buddy to everyone in school. This all started when the principal decided to bring in a visitor. According to “She’s brought a lot of joy to my life,” said Darla Ratzak, principal. Ratzak decided to bring her Bernedoodle named Daiquiri to school when she was just an eight-week-old puppy" Just your pretty much happy-go-lucky dog that eventually took over the whole school. She is now over a year old.

Daiquiri entered each and every person's life at the perfect time

After the pandemic struck hard, people were looking for something positive to reach out and "touch", what an ideal way for Daiquiri to make such a great impression from the kids to the whole faculty. Besides being such a good friend to all, turns out she is also a model figure, as many of the younger kids have drawn pictures of her, which end up hanging proudly in the principal's office. So if you are driving past Hagan Elementary make sure you give a big old wave to Daiquiri.

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