Another first could be on the way for Bismarck Century Graduate Cara Mund

A true go-getter right from the start. People that have come to know Cara personally know without a doubt that once she sets her mind on something she gets it done. We saw this back in 2017 when all of America became captivated by her beauty and charm. There she was representing North Dakota in the Miss America Beauty Pageant after she was crowned Miss North Dakota in 2017, she then promptly steamrolled into the main event  - On September 10, 2017, she was crowned Miss America 2018 in Atlantic City, and became the first contestant from North Dakota to win!

Just a few years later there she is, accomplishing even more goals

Her brains outshined her beauty by attending one of the most prestigious schools in the country - THE Harvard Law school. With typical Cara Mund determination, she just didn't recently graduate from there, NO, we're talking cum laude, and picking up a major award - she received the 2022 Kristin P. Muniz Memorial Award, recognizing her dedication to racial justice and equality.

So what's next, time to take a break and enjoy all of her achievements?

Heck no, according to "...Cara Mund is petitioning for nomination for Congress. Mund needs 1,000 signatures to be put on the ballot for November’s General Election. Mund plans to run as an Independent. If elected, she would become North Dakota’s first woman in the United States House of Representatives"

How awesome is that?

Yes, indeed she can have my signature. I respect anyone that can follow their dreams. One day fairly soon she'll have another first to add to her resume.

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