The headline of this story can easily be renamed to a different city anywhere across the country

That's a fact. Think of me as overdramatic, fine, but I have the utmost respect for any man or woman that puts on a police uniform and walks out of the safety of their homes to go out and keep Bismarck and Mandan safe. We go about our lives not even aware of the many dangerous, potential situations police officers come across almost daily. Who knows who may be armed with any kind of weapon? A routine traffic stop, late at night in the middle of nowhere, or even during the day, tests the ability of one's training to be as safe as possible, and walk into the unknown. Yes, I am overdramatic, but it's all a reality.

Here is just an example of another local incident that could have turned out deadly

According to "Friday night 28-year-old, Michael Smiley pulled a gun out during an argument with two other people who were trying to prevent him from drinking and driving. One witness said Smiley had driven over the witness’ foot. The witness said Smiley had also fired a gun into the air at the end of a driveway before saying he was going to “shoot it out with the cops.”

“shoot it out with the cops.”

Now if you were a police officer, there is no way in heck you can't just dismiss that as a stupid thing said by a drunken individual - you are instantly put in harm's way, protecting yourself and others around you. I don't care if you are sober or inebriated off your mind, a threat is nothing to shrug off lightly. This particular suspect was arrested and faces three terrorizing charges among other charges. If in the past you have had a bad experience dealing with a police officer at one point in your life, just know this, respect is easy to give and it's usually returned right back to you.

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