According to a press release from Mandan Public Schools, they have announced a  change to their "Smart Restart Plan."�� This is due to  the current spike of COVID-19 cases in the Bismarck Mandan area.  Mandan Public Schools continues to take guidance from Custer Health and the North Dakota Department of Health.  They have advised them to make some changes.

In collaboration with Custer Health, Mandan Public Schools has made the decision to move the Mandan Middle School to a Hybrid A/B model similar to Mandan High School.  The A/B schedule will be divided A-J as group A and K-Z as group B.  Their will be more detailed information in the coming days from Mandan Public Schools.  Elementary students will continue with in person classes for now.

All Madan Public Schools staff will be required to wear face coverings, while on Mandan Public Schools property when social distancing is not possible.  This goes into effect immediately to help protect the health and safety of their students, staff and families.

They ask that all students and staff have their temperatures taken before entering their school buildings each day. Mandan Public Schools are asking parents of students who are riding the bus to have their temperatures taken before they board the bus. Any individuals determined to have a fever will be sent home immediately.  Students and staff a like will be constantly be reminded about the importance of proper hand washing.  Their will be in place "no-touch" hand sanitizers throughout the buildings.  So what about masks for students?  They will be strongly encouraged.  Family members should not leave their vehicles when picking up or dropping off students.

As you can tell there is a lot of moving parts to these plans.  With Mandan moving to a hybrid plan, how long until Bismarck follows suit?  If I were a betting man, I would say very soon.  Fargo schools announced earlier today they are also adopting a "hybrid plan".



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