We heard about a possibility of this happening not too long ago, a post office in Mandan relocating

Ok, now here come the questions. Let's get to the obvious one first, will they keep their same zip code? Of course, they will! THEY being the Mandan Post Office. There will be no confusion come the time when the brand new Mandan post office opens its doors. According to the Bismarcktribune.com "The U.S. Postal Service is moving forward with a plan to relocate the Mandan post office. The chosen site is 3511 Memorial Highway SE, which is an empty lot near RJR Maintenance and Management and Midway Lanes on the Strip". They ( post office ) are currently at 300 Collins Ave., downtown. So, now do you see what I mean about keeping the same zip code?

Now that I'm done with my lame joke, let's move on

Last summer was when we ( Bismarck/Mandan) first started hearing about some talk about the Mandan post office looking for more space to move to. Obviously, their goal was to stay in Mandan. So just how much space were they looking for? Bismarcktribune added, "...an ideal building for a new location would be about 13,400 square feet..."

New location found and hopes to be ready to open by the end of next summer

Every business, no matter if it's a store or a post office, eventually seeks to expand at one point. The current Mandan post office made a statement on their decision to move, saying that they need to expand in the near future to be able to handle regular operations. The move will not be immediate, their modest goal is to be ready by the end of next summer.


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