Are you able to see ahead of time what your mail will be? I have found it's not pleasant.

Yes, I have one of those features, and I'm not even sure when I signed up for this form of torture. Let me explain further, it's like 8:05 in the morning, just got into work, and I see on my e-mail this: USPS Informed Delivery -  so I'm hoping it's nothing earth-shattering, ya know? I opened it up and saw that I had a letter addressed to me from the IRS. Great, for the next 7 hours I worried like crazy what that dreaded notice could be. My nerves were shot and all I could think about was that the IRS was going to take away my car, my cats, and anything else I may own. Well, maybe I was being just a tad bit paranoid. So check this out, The City Of Mandan Assessing Department has some unsettling news for Mandan residents, and they want you to know it's coming.

Remember now, your mailbox is just a messenger, please be kind

Here are the scary words -"Property owners" and "Real estate valuation increase". According to a press release from the City Of Mandan " The City of Mandan Assessing Department will soon mail notices to property owners with a 2022 real estate valuation increase of $3,000 and 10% or more. Notices are being sent to owners of approximately 3,000 parcels, a quantity the Assessing Department hasn’t seen since 2016." The Bismarck Mandan Board of Realtors also had this to say "the average sale price of residential property in 2021 was $282,034, up from $261,930 the year prior." So remember to just take a deep breath and wait for this to hit your mailbox.


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