Mandan says “yes” to backyard chickens - subject to certain guidelines.

KXMB News reports the City Commission approved an ordinance Tuesday to allow residents to raise chickens within city limits.

The city had a number of request from residents who wanted to raise chickens. Previously the city did not allow possession of chickens except for commercial sale.

The vote came after about an hour of discussion and despite some reservations regarding health and disease issues.

There are some guidelines to follow: you do have to get a permit, which costs a hundred dollars, fifty for renewal after a year. The permit is subject to being revoked.

Other guideline include the following: The coop and the run need to be at least 10 feet from property lines, and, owners can have up to 4 hens, but no roosters - that's due to the noise.

Commissioner Amber Larson cast the lone dissenting vote, asking whether the city has the staff to enforce the ordinance. She also questioned the cost of the permit, saying $100 was a lot for some eggs.

[Source: KXMB TV News]

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