It was in early March of 2019 that the City of Mandan decreed: "Let there be chickens!"  Now, raising chickens is 100 percent legal within Mandan city limits — although there are certain rules and regulations.

I think we'd all like to know how that's coming along.

But short of jumping fences and wandering through backyards, it's pretty darn difficult to gauge the level of Mandan's potential egg-splosion.  So that's why I'm reaching out to all  you mother hens.  You poultry people truly bold enough to become the captain of your own coop.  Yes, Mandan, it's time to SHOW US YOUR CHICKENS!

I know some of these projects may still be a work in progress, but we're all very curious to actually witness the transformation of your house into a literal hen house.  Whether you simply share with us your beginning blueprints or your already completed chicken castle-we really want to witness the coming of age of a big city chicken.  Seriously, how can you keep them down on the farm after they've they've witnessed the bright lights of Mandan?

Please submit your photos, videos, or any chicken scratch that may relate to your project.  Maybe you have friends or family entering this feathery field?  Please tell them there is a place for them to show off their poultry pride.

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