Incredible to believe but in mid-July of 2019 a fire devoured a 42 unit complex in Mandan's north side- the Sunset Bluffs apartments.  It was a conflagration we will all never forget.  It burned so spectacularly with it's decorative fire hydrants and the devastated lives of all that lived in the Bluffs.

Monday August 10th, 2020, next to the site of that terrible fire, Eagle Ridge apartments burned furiously.  A remarkable part of this insane story, I know of one family that is living through them both.

The story that no one wants to hear- I personally know one family, already fighting through profound perseverance, moved from the burned down husk of 1627 31st Street Northwest into what unfortunately turned out to be temporary apartment.  Shoot, I helped move some of the "new to her" furniture into her new place. I say "unfortunate" because she ended up moving again this spring into the newly constructed Eagle Ridge apartments. Alas, it seems once again for this family- all is lost once more. If you can only imagine- your home being flooded two years in a row.  Now imagine instead of that, all things you possessed were in fact, completely destroyed by fire, smoke, and water two years in a row!

Now I can't say my friend is the only victim in this case to flee from one apparent tinder box to another- but I suspect there's others that may have the same horrific tale to be told. I hope not, but we'll find out soon.

I won't bother her in the immediate hours after this tragedy, but I will share her story soon...hopefully to move on forward with healing.

Credit to the Blackstone Hotel in Mandan who again, just as they did following the 2019 tragedy, are setting up to assist.  Located nearby, KX news is reporting you can donate items at the hotel such as basic hygiene supplies, water, and more.  More to come on that as well.  You can learn more about the efforts quickly being organized- go on Facebook and search "Sunset Apartment Fire Official"

stay safe y'all

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