Addressing a Rumor:

You might have seen this post make its way around Facebook yesterday:


The Department wants the residents of Bismarck to know that they will, in fact, respond to any request for assistance, including but not limited to saving kittens from trees.

Feeling the heat:

The Bismarck Fire Department took a very serious tone in the post... and I totally get it. You wouldn't want someone spreading misinformation about you, and you definitely wouldn't want someone doing that with emergency services/organizations. While most of what they do is very serious, not to mention, dangerous, they say they are happy to assist the community in any way they can.

A little digging:

In the Department's post, they say the person who aired the grievance did so on another Bismarck Facebook page, "What's Going On?" It appears the Bismarck Fire Department was not able to find that post. I attempted to locate it, myself, and was also unsuccessful.

Cat owners rejoice:

While it may seem like a cliché, or even kind of silly, those of us who own cats can rest easy knowing we have someone to call if our cats ever get themselves into a "Hairy" situation.


I myself have a cat. She might not be coordinated enough to get herself into a tree, but I am happy to hear our local firefighters would come to her recue.

P.S. - Her name is Penny.


And to dog owners: I'm sure they would extend that same courtesy.

One more thing:

I'd like to thank the Bismarck Fire Department for all they do. No matter the emergency, big or small, they are here to help the people of Bismarck. Hats off!


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