I was just talking about the "glory days" of tennis to a co-worker this afternoon

This of course was in the days before VCR, back when you couldn't just set it on RECORD and come back later and fast-forward through 5 and half hours of tennis. Seemed to me the sport became larger than life when we saw the antics of a mild lunatic playing with passion and rage - his name of course was John McEnroe. My dad talked me into picking up my cheap racket and lacing up my red converse basketball shoes and attempting to return his serves ( a failure that became quite comical )  -  I was in high school then, thank goodness he gave up on developing a future tennis superstar, and I haven't stepped on a court since. The sport hasn't changed much, except for the equipment ( fiberglass rackets ) and if tennis doesn't catch your attention there is always Pickleball! The ball is much like a Wiffle ball, with 26-40 holes in it, but the concept of the game is very similar to tennis.

Mandan in motion

Check this out, Mandan is stepping up big-time when it comes to providing a new facility for you and your friends to get involved in - according to kfyrtv.com back in June "...the Mandan Park Board approved bids for the Mandan Tennis Center, which will include six indoor tennis courts, three of which will be multi-striped and will allow for 10 pickleball courts". A parking lot as well will be built providing extra parking for the Starion Sports Complex, and the good news is they are projecting everything to be complete before the end of this year.

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