High times in North Dakota?  Montana and South Dakota made the use of recreational  marijuana legal in 2020.  A group of supporters are seeking to amend the North Dakota constitution, and hoping to do the same.  This group has aspirations to put the legalization of marijuana measure on the ballot in November of 2022.

According to an article on Valley News Live, supporters are looking to take another run at the issue.  Secretary of State Al Jaeger says the group came up just short collecting enough signatures in 2020.  They needed to gather 26,904 signatures, but didn't quite make it.  In the end, the group finished with just shy of 24,000 signatures with last years effort.  If approved, backers would have one year to come up with the needed signatures to put it to a vote in November of 2022.

Proponents of recreational marijuana have said they were encouraged by similar measures that were approved by voters in our neighboring states of South Dakota and Montana in November.

According to an article in the Addiction Center, marijuana was first legalized in 2012 in Colorado.  The popularity of marijuana continues to grow, with 45% of adults saying they have tried weed at least once.  Also, 1 in 3 Americans now live in a state where the drug is legal.  That works out to about 109 million Americans living in areas where adults can use cannabis legally.

It's almost crazy to think that just 10 years ago, that marijuana was illegal in this country.  America also has 36 states where weed is legal for medicinal purposes, including North Dakota.

Do you think the time has come to legalize marijuana in North Dakota?



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