Mandan, North Dakota saw the brunt of the rainfall totals on Thursday evening / Friday morning.

The high water mark for southcentral North Dakota was the home of the Braves, where as much as 5.2 inches of rain fell in northwest Mandan, according to the National Weather Service in Bismarck.

It's estimated that we saw a little over 2 inches of rain on Strip here in Mandan at our studios.  A report from Crown Butte Damn located just west of Mandan was just over 4 inches.

The west side of the river defiantly saw the biggest rainfall totals.

This system started in South Dakota and worked its way north before slowly moving to the east.  The east side of the Missouri River saw significantly lower rainfall totals.  Still, Bismarck and points east and south picked up some very beneficial rainfall.

These showers and thunderstorms had some lighting, brief gusty winds, and small pea-sized hail associated with some of these storms.

Here are your rainfall totals for southcentral North Dakota:

(According to the National Weather Service and

Northwest Mandan-5.2 inches of rain. (high water mark for this storm)

Downtown Mandan-2.14 inches of rain.

Crown Butte Dam west of Mandan-4.22 inches of rain.

Bismarck (west side of town)-3.5 inches of rain.

Bismarck-1.73 inches of rain.

Menoken-1.36 inches of rain.

Sterling-.63 inches of rain.

Wing-1.31 inches of rain.

Regan-2.67 inches of rain.

Wilton-1.76 inches of rain.

Glen Ullin-1.33 inches of rain.

Hebron-1.18 inches of rain.

St. Anthony-2.33 inches of rain.

Flasher-3.8 inches of rain.

5 miles east of Carson-4.3 inches of rain.

Elgin-1.34 inches of rain.

Lincoln-1.1 inches of rain.

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