The NCAA is rapidly losing its chokehold on college football, making way for powerful football conferences to begin calling their own shots.

Could be time for the North Dakota State Bison to leave the punching-bag FCS and join forces with the Mountain West Conference of the FBS.  Before going any further, here's a brief breakdown of the differences between the FCS and the FBS.

Both are in NCAA Division I but it's the FBS that gets the lucrative bowl games.

FBS stands for Football Bowl Subdivision. It contains 10 conferences and currently has 130 teams. This is where you find the Power 5.  The SEC, Big 10, Pac-12, ACC, and Big 12 are the dominant conferences.  But teams like Oklahoma and Texas now have plans to jump conferences. So what happens if in realignment FBS leagues lose teams?

If the FBS is looking for team additions the Bison must be the best prospect in the FCS.

FCS stands for Football Championship Subdivision. While the FBS has all the bowl games, their final winner is actually determined by a four-team College Football Playoff. The FCS hosts a 24 team playoff for the championship.  The NDSU Bison have won 8 of those championship titles and are an amazing 36-3 in the FCS playoffs.  Think of that as 36 times the Bison have bounced a team out of the playoffs.  I can only presume other FCS teams would help them pack their bags.

Reports are coming in the NDSU is in the discussion as a possible FBS Mountain League addition.

Chris Vannini of The Athletic is reporting A.D.’s from the Mountain West schools met to discuss conference realignment and what could happen if their league loses teams. NDSU was brought up as a possible addition.

The MWC would potentially give out two invites and if one were to the Bison it would likely be for football only.

The move would mean an additional 22 more scholarships for the team which would be a huge recruiting boost.  Plus the Mountain West already has a six-year TV deal valued at $270 million. More cash and more national exposure would only have one negative consequences- the Bison wouldn't be whomping powder puffs every single week.

Please dive deeper into the major advantages of NDSU Football moving into the Mountain West on this webpage that is so focused its domain address actually is NDSU to 

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