For many devout Catholics in Western North Dakota March 18, 2020 seems like an eternity in the past. That was the date The Diocese of Bismarck adhered to Governor Burgum's directives as did the rest of North Dakota. It seems Wednesday May 6, 2020 is the date they're coming back.  The Diocese of Fargo is also resuming public church activities.

The Bismarck Diocese serves over 60,000 Catholics spanning 23 counties across the western portion of the state. They have been staying engaged through live streams of Masses and other activities. I certainly remember thinking over the Easter holiday of all the people that had not missed an Easter service in their entire lifetime. My girlfriend's grandmother Betty is a devout Catholic and at age 103(!) she's attended Mass or watched Mass on TV thousands of times.

I will get myself in a world of hurt if I start speaking out of place about Catholic practices and traditions. The only experience I have with the Catholic church is attending weddings- so I can testify to the fact there's plenty of traditions. What I do understand is Food Dudes can't deliver the Holy Communion and that's a very important and sacred part of many people's lives.

There will be many responsible restrictions in place; you can see them by clicking here. But the return of Mass, Baptisms, Weddings, and more is a bold first step for the Diocese of Bismarck and one that their flock will hopefully adhere to wisely. But Brenda's Grandma Betty will be watching from home- as should many others whose health is at risk.

Will there be a passing of the donation platter?  I think a drop box at the door may be wiser.

Stay well everyone.

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