It's no secret that living here in the Midwest is our little gold nugget. But the word is spreading according to the latest issue of Prevention Magazine. In the latest issue, Prevention listed the top 25 happiest and healthiest cities in the US.

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At number 3, and this is not a surprise moving here from Minneapolis/St. Paul,MN, the Twin Cities does have a great lifestyle, very active and even with the cold, long winters, MSP is a healthy and happy city to live and raise a family.

Coming in at 6 was North Dakota's largest city, Fargo. According to the magazine, the high scores in faith made it one of the top ten places to live. People that have strong faith tend to be happier! There you go Fargo! God bless ya!

A few other cities from the Midwest in the top 10, Madison, WI at number 8 for it's low crime rate and fresh produce. At #9, Sioux Falls, SD for it's high levels of good health.

Check out the complete list in this months issue of Prevention Magazine.


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