We ranked higher in happy than South Dakota, but what state is the happiest?

If it's true that "idle hands are the devil's workshop", than working hands must be a playground of sorts...because, North Dakota works far harder than most of the country and it seems to keep us happier than most of the country.

The study-happy survey site Wallet Hub is at it again...This time they've dispatched their army of statisticians to crunch a buncha numbers to come up with which state is the happiest of them all.  On this map, the more turquoise you are- the happy you are!

Source: WalletHub

As you can seem we seem pretty pleased here in the Upper Midwest.

There are three key dimensions the Wallet Hub compared across all 50 states- Well-Being, Work Environment, and Community.  They made the comparison pouring through over 30 metrics.

It was a wide variety of metrics dissected for the study...and one thing that rings pretty true- a working North Dakotan is a happy North Dakotan.  Number of hours worked.  Current and long-term unemployment rates.  Commute time. Job security and satisfaction.

It wasn't all about ND whistling while we work.

Other factors such as sport participation volunteer rate, divorce rate also weighed heavy in the rankings. So where did North Dakota land in when all the numbers were combined?  Pretty high actually. Here's the top six followed by their total score...

1) UTAH 72.94
2) MINNESOTA 67.52
3) HAWAII 66.16

Utah? They're not just happier than everyone else...they're WAY HAPPIER! I'm sure South Dakota is going to call for a recount because they're cranky that way.

Dive deeper into the study by clicking here.

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