A recent report had the Midwest scoring high on the list of the least stressful cities in the country. North Dakota did have one city place in the top 10!

We all need to chill! If you're feeling the stress of work and obligations, you're in good company. A recent report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that more than half of Americans dealt with some form of a major stressful event over the year.

If you want 'CHILL', the Midwest is the place to be.  More cities in this section of the country scored high on the least stressed cities. The methodology was as follows-

SmartAsset collected city- and county-level data on the 500 largest cities in the country. They considered nine separate metrics in total, which can be generally subdivided into two categories.

The top 10 cities are-

  1.  Iowa City, Iowa
  2. Madison, Wisconsin
  3. Duluth, Minnesota
  4. Boulder, Colorado
  5. Columbia, Missouri
  6. Fargo, North Dakota
  7. Fort Collins, Colorado
  8. Lawrence, Kansas
  9. Ann Arbor, Michigan
  10. Bloomington, Illinois

We noticed that most of the top stress free cities are in college towns. We also think the two cities in Colorado deserve no explanation. It's easy to 'chill' when you can legally buy weed!

Andrew Toth / Getty Images
Andrew Toth / Getty Images

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