The Olympics, every time I hear that word I think of tradition, honor, and incredible achievements. Just picture all the times you sat glued to your television set watching sheer drama unravel. The days are long gone by since only amateur athletes participated - there were no such things as endorsements or other countries subsidizing their men and women. Every four years human stories become larger than life.

An 18-year old gymnast from St.Paul Minnesota stepped up big-time

Her name is Sunisa Lee, she has won the hearts of the Olympic games by winning the gold medal in the women's gymnastics all-around competition. Team USA was dealt a major blow when Simone Biles dropped out. Biles came in as the clear favorite but surprised everyone when she withdrew because of experiencing some issue regarding her mental health. Who would take her place?

Along with Lee's win, she accomplished a first

Sunisa's parents are from Laos, they immigrated before she was born and wound up in Minnesota. When Lee had a gold medal draped around her neck, she became the first Hmong-American to compete in the Olympics, and then obviously made history once again by WINNING a medal.

Lee's comments earlier raised some eyebrows

When Biles withdrew, the negative comments came out about her being "A quitter" and other awful remarks - Lee fired back by telling the media “We don’t owe you a gold medal. You’re not the one competing.”

How amazing did she feel when she captured the gold?

According to, she had this to say

I just feel like I could have never been here ever, It doesn’t even feel like real life.

Once again another dream come true compliments of the Olympics - a magical place.


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