How many of us were glued to our television sets, in anticipation of a major upset in hockey, the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid-the "David and Goliath" match-up. The Soviet Union were a dominant force, winning the gold medal in five of their previous six Winter Olympics. The United States struggled to even stay close in exhibition games against the professional Soviet team.

The semi-final round of the XIII Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid, N.Y., Feb. 22 1980 was jam packed with drama, and a crowd thirsting for an upset. The famous "Do you believe in miracles? YES?" as time expired from ABC broadcaster Al Michaels still echoes in all of us. A 4-3 beautiful amazing win over the iron-clad Soviets.

The movie "Miracle On Ice" came out in theaters in February 2004, and we are able to re-live the history making gold medal U.S. heroes. The feeling of love and pride for our underdogs is an amazing feeling.

I have no doubt that our very own Bismarck high school hockey teams hit the ice dreaming their very own "Miracle On Ice"

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