How can you ever grow tired of stories featuring those who have huge hearts?

I know I never will. Even though we leave in a fast-paced crazy world where so many believe in a "me first" attitude, it's still refreshing to me that people have been raised to help one another. That couldn't be more obvious than in this story I came across yesterday. First, let me ask you a couple of questions - if you were out and about here in Bismarck, would you notice someone wearing boxes as shoes, AND would you try and do something about it? Well, a Minnesota woman didn't even think twice about that scenario.

This woman knew she had to do in her heart "the right thing"

Ta Leia Thomas is her name, she works in a liquor store in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Last Tuesday, her manager came into the store and noticed that she was standing there in her socks. After taking a couple of seconds to try and figure out why...her answer on where her shoes were just blew everybody away. According to she spotted a man digging through the trash, looking for boxes to put on his bare feet.  WCCO, a CBS affiliate reported "Thomas saw the man and stopped him, offering him her own shows, her favorite pair of retro Air Jordans...she "automatically took my shoes off" when she saw the man. "He said nobody would ever give me shoes like that and I said, 'well I'm not everybody,"

Those shoes were her pride and joy

You see Thomas is a Minnesota Vikings fan, and the EXPENSIVE shoes she wore were purple, in honor of her team. All of that quickly went out the window when her heart sank watching the man trying to protect his feet. A quick FOOTNOTE ( get it? ) Ta Leia's boss immediately went out and bought her a pair of shoes. Kindness STILL happens in our present day.


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