A couple weeks ago Bismarck had a famous NBA player to the local area. Danny Green that plays for the 76ers was at the YMCA for a cross training camp. He was speaking to people in the basketball camp. A friend of mine that went to the camp said it was an awesome experience to see Danny Green speak in person.

It's always an honor when someone famous comes to the local area because it's not very often that these professional athletics come to ND. The reason not many people come here is because we don't have an NFL stadium, NHL Arena, or an NBA facility. Did you get a chance to see Danny Green when he was at the YMCA?

The only way I knew that he was in town was because this friend of mine told me he was in town. It was a pretty low-key event and it is always an honor to the local area that he came to town. In 2020 he was with the Los Angeles Lakers and won the NBA championship. Have you ever had the chance to meet an NBA player? It's not very often that they come to the local are, when they do it is was an absolute honor.

As I have always said it's not every day that we get someone famous to come to the local area. Hopefully this is just the start of famous people coming to the area. Who do you think will be the next famous person to the area?

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