Kyrie Irving has made an incredibly generous donation to the Standing Rock Sioux. Let's dig in to who Kyrie is and how it all came about.

Kyrie Irving is one of the more wild-card personalities in perhaps all of Major Sports. Alongside LeBron James, Kyrie won an NBA Championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers. His talent is transcendent; but he does seem to clash with coaches and team mates. You can read his entire wikipedia entry here.

Seems he was born in Melbourne Australia where his expat dad was playing professional basketball.  They moved back to the US when Kyrie was two years old.  He lived in New Jersey. Played college basketball in Boston, and began his professional career in Cleveland.  So how then did he become "Little Mountain" in the Standing Rock Sioux Nation?

Seems his parents split when Kyrie was very young and his mother passed away when he was only four years old.  His mother was half Sioux and adopted out of the tribe.  As the years passed, Kyrie found himself putting his family in order.  In a shockingly non-celebrity fashion, In 2018, he paid Standing Rock a visit with little fanfare other than the shocked teen basketball players in the region.  A selfless act that was meant to accomplish one thing for Kyrie- pulling his family together.  That was in 2018 and it seems now in 2020, Kyrie's new found family is still very much on his mind.

On May 7th, Nikiya Carrero of KX News reported:

Kyrie Irving along with a team at Nike have donated 17 pallets of food to the local tribe that will be given to the eight tribal districts across North and South Dakota.

Remarkably that generous donation was just the beginning.  Nikiya's report explains how this NBA superstar also donated 3,000 N95 masks to essential workers in the tribe.

As prima donna as most celebrities can seem, it seems Kyrie Irving is just being there for his family.  Well done sir

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