It's time for a rebranding. What's in the future for American Bank Center?

Well to begin with it's a name change.  That's the primary change that's going to take place.  The name American Bank Center is very difficult to distinguish from the other "American" financial brands out there.  It comes from an earlier time, when your bank had to have words like American, Service, First, National, Family International etc.

There is a very entertaining graph at The Financial Brand website.  It has two columns of those commonly used "bank words" and claim that by combining a word from each column you can come up with 1,000 names for banks or credit unions.

When rebranding make darn sure there isn't a trademark on your new name.

There's plenty of financial institutions.  Seriously, it's the easiest blast on social media.  "What are they building there?".  Snarky comment then says "I hope it's a bank".  So the odds of some bank sharing your bank's name may be pretty good. What if you want to move your brand to another region? Your expansion shouldn't be limited because of your brand name.  So how to come up with a new brand name?

Invent a word that doesn't exist in most any language.

New parents do it to their babies all the time- ya just make it up!  My first memorable experience with this naming convention has got to be "Verizon".  I remember first time I heard the name I had to chuckle. Well who's laughing now?  Every new drug name is the same...these days some owl now wants me to "be wise all and use Xyzal".

So what is the new name going to be?

In November 2021, American Bank Center is scheduled to become Bravera.

It's not a big secret because it's ALL over their website. What does this change mean for all the services currently under the ABC umbrella?  Click here for a list of FAQs.

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