How can we lead the nation in COVID cases (per capita) when so many of my friends, neighbors, and co-conspirators are saying this to me ALL the time-

"I am SO over this."

If you're reading this and thinking- "Is he talking about me?"  Yes, I am...but you are not alone in your thoughts.  We are all mentally "so over this" but reality doesn't give a squat what we think.

The Associated Press just filed a report stating

North Dakota set a near record Thursday for the number of daily positive coronavirus tests, and has increased its per-capita figures for the infection to the highest in the country.

Go ahead and say it (you know you want to).

The numbers are going up because we're testing so much.

Glad you got that off your chest.  So, "the failing" New York Times provides some pretty extensive data showing that Iowa, South Dakota, and North Dakota are in a heated battle for the "Covid per capita" crown.  But, there are so many other "hot spots" located all across the country. So, keep in mind we are leading in only one of the COVID-19 columns but still competing in others.

How can we bring down the numbers?   Well, at least for this weekend, the North Dakota University System is recommending all college/university students not return home for the Labor Day Weekend.  It's an effort in their words "to help stem the spread of the coronavirus".

One more thing- in the early days of the pandemic, North Dakota asked out-of-state travelers to quarantine upon entering our state.  We are now listed on seven other state's "travel advisory lists".  Hope I can still get into Montana in ten days.

If stopped at the border, I'll just tell them that "I am SO over it".

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