This is one of those crazy statistics that are hard to figure out - WHY? ( if you care that much to know )

A co-worker sent me this article and I thought about it for a bit after I read it, and to me, nothing popped into my head for a logical answer. I actually don't think there is one, but we can all try and explore it. According to North Dakota was the only State in the country that experienced a decrease in weddings in 2021. Hey, it does appear though that weddings made a comeback after the pandemic, but not so much here.

Any wacky or somewhat explainable theories as to why?

My answer is always to blame it on the weather. "Official data for 2022 aren’t out yet, but the market research company Wedding Report said new marriages hit a recent high last year as ceremonies postponed by the pandemic finally came together" reported. How do they figure out these statistics? "The federal center for health statistics computes the marriage rate based on the number of marriage certificates completed in each year"  I understand WHY marriages were down obviously because of COVID-19 - after all most people want to be surrounded by family and loved ones on the big day, and so many of us were confined to staying home.

There was nothing in the statistics proving MY theory...

...but hey doesn't it make sense? We are no strangers to lousy weather keeping us trapped inside for what feels like months here in North Dakota because of the wrath of Mother Nature, hey maybe we will make up for it this year!



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