Naked? Listen I can honestly say that in my world very few things are done in the nude...

...that is as far as I'm involved. I need not explain myself any further. I will say this, I'm not trying to sound prejudiced in the least bit. If you want to rock your nakedness then more power to you. There are a few places where you can explore frolicking in the buff with others, one such campground is actually in Minnesota - it's called Avatan -"Minnesota's largest and friendliest community".

Can I ask a personal question? "Have you ever visited or lived in a nudist colony?"

I have never been, but I'm going to guess that life is pretty much the same. Running errands around the colony, maybe doing some yard work, or maybe a group picnic - all stark naked. Does that seem liberating to you? Your freedom is expressed 100% INSIDE the walls of a colony, perfectly legal. There is an individual though that is looking to share his RAW creativity and pass on his ability to play the guitar - NUDE.

"Naked guitar lessons (Roseville)"

This was the simple title of an ad that was posted on Minneapolis Craigslist: back on February 4th of this year.

"I teach guitar lessons and am something of a nudist. It seems logical to me that there are people out there who would like to learn to play guitar and who, like me, enjoy nudity. So I am interested in finding people who would like to take guitar lessons done with me, or both of us, naked. I emphasize that there is nothing sexual implied or intended and that lessons are exactly the same as if done with clothes on. I am interested in serious responses only and obviously you must be an adult, either male or female (I am male). I prefer students who are beginners. Lessons may be done in person, which is best, or via webcam. Reply to this ad for more information.

If replying to this ad by text, please mention "naked guitar lessons" so I know what you're inquiring about."

Alrighty then...

...I'm going to go ahead and let you get busy with that, good luck strumming away!


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