Brush Lake near Mercer, North Dakota is one of the most popular lakes for cabin owners for Bismarck Mandan residents.

Brush, along with Lake Sakakawea, Audubon, and Lake Isabell are 4 lakes that our certainly home to a lot of cabin owners in the Bismarck Mandan area.  When news of the potential winterkill for Brush Lake came back in February from the North Dakota Game & Fish, I think a lot of cabin owners were holding their breath.

Brush Lake is a pretty small North Dakota natural lake.  

It's only 224 acres (surface area) and has a maximum depth of 21.8 feet.  For its size,  it's highly developed with numerous cabins surrounding this entire picturesque lake.  Brush Lake is about 3 miles north of Mercer, North Dakota.

According to the North Dakota Game & Fish website, Brush is known mostly as a Walleye, Perch, and Northern Pike fishery.

Unfortunately for Brush Lake cabin owners, this lake has just seen firsthand the devastation of winterkill.  This photo was sent to me by a friend of a cabin owner on the lake.

WARNING: not for the faint of heart.



Looks like plenty of perch and walleyes will not be roaming the waters of Brush Lake this spring.  This was the scene at one of the shorelines on Brush Lake last week as the ice begins to recede.

This will be an all-to-common scene at several of our lakes across North Dakota after our long winter that produced a lot of heavy snow that contributed to depleted oxygen supplies.  To see a list of all the lakes feared to be affected by winterkill in North Dakota this year click here.

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