Actually you don't have to get in line...the lines are gone. I guess that's a problem.

The lines have gone and I still haven't fulfilled my duty to protect myself and those around me.  I'll never be one to jump if someone tells me to jump. Much to the contrary, the more I'm told to jump, the more impossible it becomes to even imagine I'd ever do it.  I don't get hooked by impulse buys.  A sales pitch is like a light switch- I can turn off at will.  I'm not naturally a contrarian, if there is reason behind a request, I'll consider the pros and cons and go from there. If all that makes me sound well-rounded, let me clear that up- mostly I'm just a procrastinator.

That's where I was when the vaccine first started to roll out.  Long lines and supply uncertainty, made it seem like an ideal time for my wait-and-see strategy.  Well it seems with only isolated reports of adverse effects of the vaccine being reported, I'm still not vaccinated.  What's it gonna take to get my lazy self in front of a needle?  Maybe I just need to heed the word of those that were once vaccination skeptics that then caught the virus and almost died.  Many of who probably just up and died, but they tell no tales.

Now the Associated Press is reporting that the North Dakota Department of Health is actively recruiting former anti-vaxxers and covid skeptics that ended up getting their butts kicked by the virus.  It'll be a statewide campaign that I would suggest calling "Stop Being Such A Dumb Ass".  So if you're one of the Covid converted, you may want to sign up with the State and sound off!  Or simply convert us with your comments below and let's keep it civil y'all.

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