If you watch any crime investigation programs, you're no doubt.familiar with a chemical reagent known as Luminol.  A cleaned crime scene may look like nothing ever happened there, but a quick squirt of Luminol can light up the scene!  Luminol glows when it contacts traces of iron in blood.  So you could be standing on a blood stained carpet and not even know it.  Luminol was the first thing that popped in my head when I read Mayville State University President Brian Van Horn's Sunday message to students and staff of the school.  A mass COVID testing event on Friday October 27th brought to light something else that can't be seen.  Like Rudolph's nose, you could even say it glows.

Due to an increase in active COVID cases, Mayville State University is asking students to stay-in-place until Monday November 9th. If you live off campus- stay off campus.  If you live on campus- don't leave the campus and stay in your rooms.

President Van Horn added this about staffing...

Non-essential staff will work remotely this week. Essential staff will be expected to work on campus, as was the case when the campus moved to remote-only instruction last March. On-campus services, including dining services, will continue throughout the week. Essential offices will remain open and employees are to work with supervisors and/or their cabinet member to determine appropriate on-campus coverage.

Can you imagined just how cranky a bunch of 19 to 23 year olds are going to be after spending an entire week in their PJs, reclining on the couch, and just watching TV?

Actually, I cant think of a generation better suited to pull it off.


Stay well everybody.

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